Muzeum Tatrzańskie im. Dra Tytusa Chałubińskiego w Zakopanem. Otwarte w 1889 roku



every Wednesday at 4:00 pm, beginning on July 31st


To all of the English-speakers visiting Zakopane: the main building of the Tatra Museum will have guided tours in English once a week during the month of August. These tours will be held every Wednesday at 4:00 pm, beginning on July 31st. They will be led by Emily, our American intern. Tickets for the museum itself are 7.00 PLN per person, or 5.50 PLN per person for concession tickets.

English led tours will be included in the cost of the entrance ticket. Come prepared to learn about the history of Zakopane and its influential inhabitants, the natural history of the Tatra Mountains, and the traditional culture of the local Tatra Highlanders. A trip to the Tatra Museum is an excellent way to add a dose of history and culture to your holiday in Zakopane!

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