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Wycieczka w języku angielskim / English Language Tour

Wycieczka w języku angielskim / English Language Tour

Take a guided tour of the Tatra Museum and learn about the ethnographic and natural history of Zakopane and the Podhale region.  See regional clothing, folk instruments, and the inside of a home built in the Zakopane Style.  How does local craft take inspiration from the landscape around us?  Discover the secrets hidden within the Tatra Mountains through fossils and embark on the world’s shortest hike to explore the flora and fauna that can be found there today.


Main Building of the Tatra Museum (Krupówki 10)



2 sierpnia (środa), godz. 11:00

2 August at 11:00 am


3 sierpnia (czwartek), godz. 16:30

3 August at 4:30 pm


9 sierpnia (środa), godz. 11:00

9 August at 11:00 am


10 sierpnia (czwartek), godz. 16:30

10 August at 4:30 pm

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